Buying Silver Jewelry - Know the Intricate Details

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Silver is a highly reflective, shiny and often described as a white metal. The pure form of silver is known as fine silver and is too soft for daily use, so sterling silver is usually used by jewelers.

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, mainly copper that proved its high durability. There are some qualities of the metal-like luster and shine must be taken into consideration when going to buy silver jewelry online. Besides, quality stamps known as hallmarks are also inscribed on sterling silver jewelry and provide the buyer a hint of the quality of each piece.

One of the greatest reasons for investing in silver jewelry is it's less expensive than gold and platinum. The white-grey color is less gaudy than other metals, and making silver accessories like rings, earrings, neckless etc., easier to match with any type of clothing. In addition, Silver has the benefit of being easier to wear and softer than gold or platinum. As silver is a popular metal for bracelets or earrings, it is not a better metal for wedding rings or accessories you intend to wear daily. Besides, Silver is flat to oxidation, so wearing regular can result in the jewelry turning a black and tarnished color.

Before buying silver jewelry, it is very important to understand the various types of silver that are used in making silver. Sterling silver is the best type of silver. Brittania silver is another hallmark type of silver and has a composition of 95.8 % silver. You can also go for silver designated like Mexican silver that is 95% silver. Remember, quality silvers will have one of these hallmarks, imprinted on the jewelry, but, if the jewelry you are looking for is a silver plate, then it is costume jewelry and not a true silver. Alpaca silver is another term often used by sellers is fake silver made of various metals. Apart from, you may also see "Silvertone" term that means that the jewelry is made from silver colored metal, which is not genuine silver. You must avoid buying costume type jewelry if looking for quality jewelry.

There are a variety of different types of silver jewelry of various qualities on the market. The quality and color of true silver are elegant and a brilliant material for a lot of pieces of jewelry. Know the advantages of silver jewelry and ensure that you know the quality of the silver you purchase.

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