Cotton Sarees: Suitable for Casual Wear, Office Wear and Daily Wear

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The saree, one of the most recognizable symbols of being Indian, is huge worn garment for women in India.

Varying from 5 to 9 yards (4.5 meters to 8 meters) in length and 2 to 4 feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth that is wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. But, the saree means so much more in India and in neighboring countries. You can buy sarees online, including Indian pure silk sarees online at the best prices.

indian pure silk sarees

The saree is a very versatile outfit and is worn on special occasions as well as a garment of daily wear and now it has also become popular in the workplace. Many women and girls wear the saree as everyday work wear and casual wear, but not much is written about these voguish yet subtle everyday wear sarees. To know more about sarees that can be added to your closet for everyday wear, read further.

Cotton sarees,
The most popular kinds of sarees for everyday work and casual wear and are in high demand for several reasons. the most prominent reason amongst them is the comfort that these sarees provide. Also, countries like India-Bangladesh and Pakistan are all a part of the equatorial region and these places experience warm and humid weather at most times of the year because of due to their geographic location. Under these climatic conditions, cotton is the favored fabric because its lights in weight and allows the skin to breath's and soaks in moisture. So, buy pure cotton sarees online in India today.

pure cotton sarees

Different Variations of The Cotton Saree

Printed Cotton Sarees
Every modern woman prefers printed cotton saree as her choice of regular wear as these sarees are adorned with contemporary patterns. Printed sarees reveal women’s personality by providing them panache and a distinctive elegance. Apart from cotton, silk fabric is also fashionable, easy to drape and carry and affordable price. Buy traditional silk and cotton sarees for all special occasions and for everyday use as well.

Cotton Chikankari Saree
A fine example of authentic chikan work, Cotton Chikankari Saree are made by artisans from Lucknow. These sarees make a perfect choice for both casual and evening wear. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous, this double shaded daraz saree portrays traditional chikankari at its best.  Chikankari is an ancient art of needlework embroidery and provides employment to thousands of people.

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