Make Style Statements with Jamdani Kurtas

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One of the most time and labor intensive forms of handloom weaving is Jamdani weaving.

Jamdani, made of two different words- “Jam” means flower and “Dhani” means vase or container. The production of jamdani was utilized by imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors and adorned royalty across Asia and the Muslim world. These days, jamdani kurtas have become one of the most luxury clothes of South Asia.

One of the most time and labor intensive forms of handloom weaving is Jamdani weaving. Jamdani is a woven fabric in cotton, be it figured or flowered. Without doubt, it is one of the varieties of the finest muslin. Jamdani is rich in motifs and is a fine muslin cloth on which decorative motifs are woven on the loom, particularly in gray and white and often a mixture of cotton and gold thread is used.

Jamdani, a hand-woven technique, has patterns of different designs and colors on cotton or silk fabrics. Besides, it provides an aesthetic appeal and takes the form of cotton and gold thread weaving so as to create motifs of geometric patterns and floral designs in colorful shades. The hand weaving jamdani is essential for Bengal fabrics and the artisans settled in Bengal and create fine ethnic art and magic of traditional kurtas.

Based on the variations in the Jamdani weave, the weave can be termed as Daccai Jamdani, which is known for its colorful motifs, the ShantipurJamdhani for its soft texture, the Dhonekai Jamdani for its colorful hues and the Tangail Jamdani for its traditional borders. Thus, the Jamdani is an inclusion in the making of some of the traditional varieties of cotton and silk handlooms today, including Kurtas and Kurtis for women.

The Jamdani cotton kurtas with their soft and smooth quality or affinity to colors are gripping products of fashion. They are really a big attractor with brilliant use of color and a lot of accompanying features of attractive color borders, arty neck portions, varying sleeve formats, modern day designs, self-color weave patterns. You can buy Jamdani cotton Kurtas online from the exclusive range. These women Kurtas would be apt for grand occasions such as weddings, parties, traditional festive occasions and social invites.

With its mesmerizing patterns and unique style, the Jamdani weaving has made it an adornment feature inclusive in traditional varieties in India. An essential addition to current day fusion, the Jamdani has carved a niche for itself as a necessary inclusion in fashion fabrics. Apart from Kurtas, jamdani is also used for sarees, scarves, and handkerchiefs.


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