Silver Jewellery

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Turn off the Bling-Online silver jewelry for women

There is an invisible thread between (wo) mankind and jewelry. Whether it is that junk silver ear ring that we are never exasperated of wearing or that silver anklet of our grandmother's age that we are continuously obsessed about - jewelry has always covered the entire pie chart of woman's mind and soul. 


Regular silver jewelry mainly encompasses earrings, chains, finger rings, necklaces, toe rings, armlets, heavy kadas and bracelets. The tradition of wearing silver jewelry is has widespread and is distinctive to particular geographical locations of India. Silver is deep rooted item because it’s quite affordable and easily available. Individual indigenous community has defined set designs and patterns. It is quite easy to identify somebody's social or marital status with the kind of silver jewelry been carried.


Regardless of whether you are selecting a gift for someone else, buying a treat for yourself or just looking for something to replace your expensive golden and diamond jewelry, silver jewels have a lot of advantages. Apart from adorning your physical self, silver is also said to help attract well-being for your astral self.  An interesting part is horoscopes like Cancer, Libra and Taurus are specially recommended to wear silver jewelry. Here is a grandma's tip for you beauties, rumour has it that silver ring, placed on the index finger, would prevent wrinkles and promote digestion. Interesting much! So what are you waiting for, grab some amazing designs from our range of silver jewelry online.


In this fast moving world, silver jewelry are quite easy to carry and undemanding to maintain. It is the best thing to fit into your mantra of chic and cheap. It almost goes with anything you wear and also creates a perfect ensemble for office and semi formal look. So all the ladies out there! Silver as a gracious metal is actually a way of investment that helps exude your radical beauty as well.


At Indian August, we promise to provide genuine and flawless silver jewelry for you to shine bright and amazing. So add oomph to your wardrobe with our wide and affordable range of silver jewelry online for women.



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